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The Diebold study, "Mastering Mobile Media Markets - Strategies for the Mobile Media Business" not only offers an orientation aid to mobile markets for media firms, it also presents concrete approaches for successful positioning in this innovative environment. Advanced business models and sources of income in the mobile environment are fully explained, indicating which content & strategies types are suitable for mobile offerings.

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Eleven Best-Practice examples present innovative companies, which have already successfully implemented some of the business models in this study. In more than 100 pages, the study answers the following questions:

* How should firms in individual media divisions position themselves on the mobile value chain?
* Which content and services are sufficiently in demand for
* Which customers on which mobile equipment?
* Which are the profitable business models in mobile business?
* What partnerships are needed to ensure survival in the mobile media market and achieve profits?

Chapter 2 begins by describing the general basic conditions in the media industry in the digital age. Chapter 3 then deals with the definition and the characteristics of mobile media markets, and core. Chapter 4 follows with an analysis of possible mobile content and exposition of attractive and successful business models. The strategic basic conditions encountered by media firms and the migration routes they can take to the "Mobile Publisher" are described in Chapter 5. Finally, Chapter 6 explains the implications of a mobile involvement for media firms. Chapter 7 gives the prospects for future media usage with the vision of a "Personal Net-work".

The objective of the study is to provide the reader with:

1. an understanding of what mobile media markets are, how they function and what impact these changes will have on their own firm and its product portfolio.

2. an important basis for making the earliest possible start on developing own mobile business strategies. Sincere thanks here to all the colleagues who have made a major contribution to the success of this study with their support and ideas.

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