Table of Contents

1 Management Summary

2 The media industry in the digital age
2.1 Change or die!
2.2 Engines of change
2.2.1 Media and industry convergence
2.2.2 Availability of innovative technologies
2.2.3 Increasing mobility
3 Mobile Media Markets
3.1 Media firms in the center of mobile future markets
3.2 Multi-channel servicing as a model for the future
4 Making money in mobile media markets
4.1 Basics of successful business models
4.2 Future sources of income in the mobile media business
4.2.1 Advertising / Sponsoring
4.2.2 mCommerce
4.2.3 Market research
4.2.4 "Airtime Sharing"
4.2.5 Content Sales
4.2.6 Content Syndication
4.2.7 mServices
4.2.8 Other revenues
4.3 Critical keys to success in the context of mobile media markets
4.4 Best Practice examples
5 Strategies for media firms in the mobile business environment
5.1 Strategic options for media firms in the mobile media business
5.1.1 Basic strategic considerations for all media divisions
5.1.2 Strategic implications for individual media divisions
5.2 Strategic migration routes (for different media divisions)
6 Implications for media firms
6.1 Organization
6.2 Marketing
6.3 Partner management
6.4 Technology
6.5 Business planning & performance controlling
7 Outlook: My Personal Network