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Diebold Reports

"Mastering Mobile Media Markets: Strategies for the Mobile Media Business"
(April 2001)
"Wanted A survival plan for the music industry-Napster and the consequences"
(Nov. 2000)

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"Information technology will change society and the world we live in." (John Diebold, 1953)

Since early 2001, Tag It has been working with Diebold, a leading German management and technology consultancy, to broaden the market reach of their business and media studies through turnkey e-publishing strategy. Through its leading think-tank TIMElabs, Diebold produces reports providing an assessment of new technologies, understanding future business potential, and pursuing commercial application.


=> Diebold Selects Tag It To E-Publish Music Industry Survival Plan

=> Business Models For The Music Industry In The Post Napster Era
Overview Of Diebold White Paper Available At Tag It

=> MusicDish Publishes The First Chapter From The Diebold White Paper "Wanted: A Survival Plan For The Music Industry"

Music Megaportal Might Ease P2P Losses
By: Thomas C Greene, "The Register"

About Diebold Group

The international Diebold Group - based in Eschborn, near Frankfurt, Germany - is one of the leading consulting firms in the field of integrative management and technology. Diebold specializes in helping its client with the increasingly vital task of building a bridge between business and IT. Since Diebold established itself as the leading German opinion-maker in Digital Business in 1996, it has been focusing on the opportunities, risks and change processes faced by both young and established companies as a result of the new technology.

TIMElabs - Excellence in Innovation

Diebold Deutschland has recently established TIMElabs to serve as a leading think-tank within the TIME (Telecommunications, IT, Multimedia and E-Commerce) industries.

TIMElabs' role is to assess emerging new technologies, understand their future business potential, and pursue their commercial application. TIMElabs' motto, "Excellence in Innovation", summarises precisely this intent.
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